EX82 MECC 1.5

Dual Camera Wireless Night Vision

The EX82 MECC is a deployable Integrated Day/Night (IDN™) camera incorporating infrared night vision, two CCD sensors, two varifocal lenses, RF transmission and rechargeable batteries. Designed for professional use where accurate color-by-day and precise high S/N monochrome-by-night are necessity. Perfected Color by Day. Perfected Infrared-Mono by night. No focus shift. No color sensitivity to IR bleed. Outstanding IR performance to 100 feet at only 18 Watts. All achieved without wires in what is called No Plug. Just Play.™ Ideal for rapid deployment, emergency response, event monitoring and temporary CCTV.
- Tried & Tested by USAF Special Ops -

EX82 MECC 1.5 Features:

· Wireless night vision to 100 ft (30m)
· Completely wireless
· No Plug. Just Play.™
· Transmit day or night vision
· Accurate color without IR bleed
· Night vision without focus shift
· i/o ports for power in and video out
· Detachable antenna
· 4 hour detachable / rechargeable battery
· Video-out port for LCD positioning

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