Intercom Systems

Selective Call Intercom System

Model:  IM5000

Uses up to 20 remote stations plus 3 door speakers, 6-wire system
Perfect for residential or small office use
Calls stations individually using the 'selective call' feature, or call all stations at the same time using the 'all call' feature
Answer the door speaker from any station
Master station mounts in a utility room, closet or other out-of-the-way location
Master surface mounts, no rough-in required
Optional chime module or external electronic chime, audio wall plate

Music Distribution
Auxillary program audio input allows distribution of music to all stations
Connect any line level program source to the auxillary input
Use IA-30WH audio wall plate and IR-30K rough-in kit to connected master to auxillary program source
Auxillary program audio mutes during intercom calls and chime operation
Separate program and intercom volume controls

Remote Stations
'Selective call' intercom, allows calls to be made between two selected stations
'All call' intercom calls all stations at the same time
'Hands-free' answering at all stations
One button talk/listen: Push to speak, release to hear reply
Audible signal announces someone is calling
Answer door from any intercom station, response is 'hands-free'
'Listen-in' monitoring for baby`s room, keep tabs on person confined to a bed
Private mode prevents unwanted intercom calls
Separate electronic touch volume controls for intercom and program volume
Built-in microphone provides greater intercom clarity

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